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Monday Classes

We Focus onYour Growth: Business Logistics, Financial Fitness, Social Media, and Marketing. Check out our Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain.

Elevate Your Business

 Learn how to practice successful business operational tactics to maximize your earning potential. Learn how to operate like a fortune 500 company *CE Approved


How to Become An Educator

 Learn our simple systems to help build your business immediately. Fact: Over 60% of Beauty Professionals retire from the Salon to work another job. Get a jump start. Learn how to share your expertise + Earn Income 


Money Fit 2018

You Owe It To Your Financial Future To Take Action. Cut the procrastination game. Let's smash through all questions to figure out how to mange your business to be debt free. 


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Tuesday: 30min Webinars

Always on the go? Can't make it to class. Learn something new in just minutes with access to our live webinar that will give you interaction + online group. Topics covered: Learn how to manage your finances, video creation, social media management, how to generate additional income.

Techniques and Tips

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Anytime Courses

With our course quality and flexible options, we help licensed professionals each year grow business bigger and better than the year before. In depth + Course Downloads + Templates + Access for up to a year

Salon Principles + Sanitation

You have been conditioned to believe that running your own business is stressful and it needs hard work like working 60-80 hours a week. We call it BS, Learn how Simple Systems can increase your income weekly. Course #17889 

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Guide To Selling Hair Extensions

Discover what it takes to build an unforgettable hair extensions business. Learn key strategies to create and sell your hair extension's, attract new customers, and guaranteed sales strategies to create traffic on all social platforms. Coming SOON!!  Course #17887

Coming Soon!

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Elevate Your Business

Learn 10 Marketing strategies that will increase your business in 30 days or less. Also discover how you are missing ways to generate multiple streams of Income within your brand. Most importantly, Learn how successful salons implement a day-by-day marketing plan in less than 30 minutes a week.  

Course #17888

4hr CE Approved $33

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TheGrind Membership Program: $16 a Month 

STOP...Don't spend months searching the internet for more tips and ideas to help you manage your business. Connect with us! Here's all of the Benefits you will receive.. 

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  Become an Educator... Do You have A Specialty?

iAdvance leads the professional beauty industry with our street-smart team of passionate, talented educators.  Put your skills to work in a fast-paced, high-energy atmosphere as you collaborate with dynamic, creative professionals. 

We offer:  
Bonus opportunities 
Professional development programs

We Are looking for Educators who would like to share their expertise in:

  • Social Media
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Video Creation
  • Health & Wellness

To learn more about teaching opportunities email [email protected] 

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