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Pros and Cons of Live Webinars

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2020

Pros of Live Webinars 

  • Emotional connections with the audience. It’s the “live” part of the channel that drives emotions. Your audience will watch you in real time, connecting with your story and tactics you use to sell your online courses. Even your mistakes can help build this connection. If you're able to laugh off misspoken words and other goofs, you'll come across as authentic and human.
  • Live Q&A. The opportunity to answer questions lets you tailor your content on-the-spot to the exact needs of your audience. Naturally, this makes your presentation much more compelling.
  • Connecting with your top fans. You might discover that some people reliably attend your webinars again and again. They’re big fans of your brand and they don’t want to miss an opportunity to connect with you. Giving them a shout-out during live broadcasts lets you build a strong, long-lasting relationship with one of your true fans.
  • Faster to produce. "Imperfect but live" is better than "working forever towards perfection." Procrastinators tend to do well with live broadcasts. Sometimes the best move is to go live, spend an hour sharing your message, and call it good.

Cons of Live Webinars 

  • Unexpected visitors. If you’re working from your home office and have kids or pets, it’s likely you know the feeling of being interrupted during a video call. While we’ve all learned to be more understanding, that kind of disruption might throw you off your game.
  • Finding the right time. Your audience probably lives across multiple time zones. So what might be the perfect time of day for one person might be the wrong time for another. You can send a replay, but then you lose the potential engagement of a live broadcast.
  • Potential technical issues. Home internet tends to be more spotty than the connection at an office. Connection lags, software issues, and other unforeseen technical issues can send a presentation off the rails.


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