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Pros and Cons of Pre-recorded Webinars

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2020

If you’re not quite ready to go live to the world, you’ve still got options. Pre-recorded webinars let you present without the pressure of a live audience, but still share your content when you’re ready.

Pros of Pre-Recorded Webinars 

  • Edit out mistakes. If you record a webinar for future viewing, you can map out every second of content before you record. Plus, you can splice in photos, other videos, and special content to make the presentation more professional.
  • Re-recording sections that didn’t quite work. Not happy with how you delivered a section? You can re-record it to try again, or just swap out one segment for a new one.
  • Add effects, graphics, and more in post-production.  You can also edit the video content however you want. Maybe you want to add special filters, transitions, or other effects to the presentation. If you’re skilled at post-production (or if you hire a post-production team), pre-recorded webinars might seem more polished than a live version.
  • Feel less “stage fright”.  Some people experience more anxiety when they speak in front of a live audience than when they record for a camera. That makes pre-recorded webinars a good choice for them. (Just be watch out for perfectionism and getting caught in endless editing.)

Cons of Pre-Recorded Webinars

  • Lack of audience engagement. When you’re presenting live, you get real-time feedback from your viewers. This lets you adjust your direction based on what they want to learn. If you pre-record your webinar, you miss out on that opportunity.
  • Less emotional resonance.  Some viewers dislike pre-recorded webinars on principle. “I’ve heard of people getting upset because they thought a pre-recorded webinar was going to be live,” said Dave Hinchman, Kajabi Video Production Lead. “But if you’re clear up front about the recording and give audiences the good content they want, they’ll love it.”

Like live webinars, the response to a pre-recorded webinar comes down to your content. Are you adding unique, relevant value in an engaging, educational way?

One more quick warning about using pre-recorded webinars: internet users are savvy. If you’re presenting a recording as “live”, you’ll get found out, fast. Remember, trust matters more than ever right now.


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