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An open space for idea sharing and goal building. Separated by distance, but beautifully united by a shared desire to empower the creative economy. The Knowledge You Need To Win With your virtual business!! Enjoy, over 52 weeks of Complete Training and Template Packages, Each on a Focused Finance Strategy to Increase Your Cash Flow. Tons of On-Going Education, Weekly Training, and Step by Step Marketing Guides

This will be the easiest way to Maximize Your Earning Potential

Together, learn necessary tools to take your business to the next level. Your membership will give you everything you need to build confidence.

Who is this For

C4C is for ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners with the drive to take control of the future of their businesses and achieve huge success no matter what might be standing in the way. 

We are Family

Network with other driven entrepreneurs and find the expert guidance you need to take your business to the next level.– look no further than the iAdvance community of entrepreneurs and highly successful business owners.

Why Not

C4C offers finance tips so you can benefit from your iadvance membership. We will share simple ideas to make it easy to implement for fast results.iAdvance can help by teaching you Finance strategies that work.

If you want Consistency and Predictability

This program has changed lives. You're next!

Think about it. Can you afford to continue at this pace for another year? Probably not. Instead, you can grab your Coaching 4 Creatives Membership to receive ongoing education, support, and direction to make this year right. 

With this membership you will receive:

 A Full 365 day Road Map to Help You Maximize Your Earning Potential + Increase Your Cash Flow,with a virtual platform. Ultimately helping you make better decisions for your business, and achieve your goals as you've dreamed of.

YOUR COMPLETE Coaching PLAN WILL INCLUDE a step by step:

  • Audio to listen on the go 
  • Emails to visually see how it works
  • Videos to watch while you work
  • Marketing Templates / Downloads 

We will Provide you with Game Changing Advice from Experts

Your year with us will include  
52 weeks of Complete Training and Template Packages, Each on a Focused Finance Strategy  to Increase Your Cash Flow.

Also Included with BONUS ITEMS...

  • Branding and Marketing Strategies
  •  Sales Ideas to Boost Income
  •  How to Business Webinars 
  • Online Course Creation



Coaching 4 Creatives was developed with a simple set of goals in mind:

✔ Provide both new and experienced creatives with resources and sales training 

✔ Rapidly fill your bank account with new streams of income

✔ Streamline your processes to make business easier

✔ Bring back the joy in business 

 My business was sinking. 
This membership has helped me to increase my sales and make more money in my online consulting business. Truly impressed to find out about the weekly business meetings that helped me to stay on track. Trust me, this membership is well worth the money!
—  Giselle Lassiter

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