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Money Fit 2018

Private Coaching Session 2-4p

Note: If interested in creating your very own take home playbook. Text 832-789-1766 for a personal Invitation to stay after class for the small group session. 

Our program offers professionals the opportunity to ask pressing questions, that stagnate their business development and stop personal growth. Have your financial questions answered by professionals that are experts in their fields. Whom truly care about our needs and are understanding to our industry.

After part 1 class ends, you will be invited to stay to join the small group planning session. Put all of your notes together to create an action plan.

PART TWO: Group Session

- Here's the time and opportunity to put it all together. Join us as an educator shows you how to create  LongTerm ACTION PLANNing that will help change your old ways and introduce new ideas  - Take home a step by step outline to gain control of your life. 







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