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Refer Salon Professionals to iAdvance Business Academy and get 40% commissions for each purchase your referral makes until the end of the year

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Why become an iA Business Affiliate?

Simply, Here's an easy way to earn additional income while helping others achieve business goals.

Its Easy to Get Started

Create an account in minutes, receive a unique link and share it on your social media pages.

Easy payments. Receive your earnings through PayPal

Social Media Traffic

You already have it. No need to sell anything. Share + Recommend from your social media page.

Earn endlessly By sending new customers our way every month. Simply recommend iA classes  and products and we'll do the rest

Paid Traffic

Earn 20% for every order

Calculated based on iAdvance product price, minus discounts.

Instant paymentsYou can earn commission from the time your referred customer makes their first purchase

The Easiest Way to Earn XXtra $$ + Help Others

1. Create a iA account 2. Get one-of-a-kind link 3. Share the link Earn 20% commission for each marketing package sold and 20% every month for every membership sold

Got Questions?

When you become an iAdvance Business Affiliate, you:

  • are free to work when and from wherever you want;
  • won’t be controlled, supervised or instructed by us;
  • will get paid for purchases
  • will receive commissions for each unique customer tracked through your personal link
  • are free to share as often as you like.

The minimum withdrawal sum is $25. You'll be credited your commission after orders are fully completed and shipped out. Commission is calculated based on the iAdvance product price minus discounts. All commissions are paid out on the 15th of every month.


We are so confident that you are going to love Partnering with us!

Want to work with Amazon or other major companies by recommending products to your customers? Learn what it takes to work with multiple companies as an online influencer.

We offer the Course on how to become A Successful Online Affiliate Partner and Influencer. As you go through the training, this is going to be covered in detail. As mentioned, absolutely EVERYTHING you need is here to facilitate this process!


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